One thing I always advise the patients who come to my chiropractic clinic for vertigo in Aldergrove BC is never to underestimate the healing power of natural remedies. 

Vertigo is a debilitating symptom to experience, especially when it is severe, recurring, and hits unexpectedly. It may even cause you to fall in the ground. 

On a positive note, there is always hope for people living with vertigo. Good quality of life is possible for vertigo patients.

Many natural remedies can help in reducing the severity of vertigo attacks. Although underrated, this list of natural remedies can help you in avoiding or managing episodes of vertigo. Whether the cause of your vertigo is BPPV, Meniere’s disease, or other disorders, you can try these methods to help you. 

1. Eating less sodium

Follow this, especially if you experience pressure or feeling of fullness in one or both of your ears. Vertigo can be a sign that you have an excessive amount of fluid in your inner ear. Salt can boost water retention in your body. Consume less sodium to avoid this.

2. Doing head rotations

Besides exercising your neck, this allows you to balance or reset the elements inside your ears that help with your balance. This is like rebooting your computer when it is acting up.  

3. Drinking more water

Vertigo can be a sign of dehydration, so drink more water. Track your water intake for a week to encourage yourself to drink more. Also, consider cutting back on soft drinks, coffee, and tea, as they can dehydrate you. 

4. Stress management

Anxiety and stress are common triggers in many conditions, and this can be true for vertigo. Learning how to cope with stress can go along way in keeping vertigo at bay. Do not turn to bad habits such as drinking alcohol or smoking to manage your stress as both can lead to more vertigo.

5. Improving your posture

Cases of vertigo have been linked to the neck. Habitual poor posture while using smartphones or driving to work can contribute to chronic vertigo. Set your computer monitor at an eye level and never hold your phone between your ear and shoulder. 

6. Making habit changes 

It is best to quit bad habits that hurt your health. For example, smoking and heavily drinking alcohol. These habits can trigger vertigo attacks. 

Instead, develop good habits such as proper hydration. Drink enough water each day as it benefits the body. As mentioned, vertigo can be an indication of dehydration. Don’t be surprised if drinking more water fixes the underlying problem behind your vertigo. 

7. Regular Exercise

Another potential cause of vertigo is blood flow problems. Therefore, doing cardio exercises every day can help ensure the proper circulation of blood in your body. However, when your vertigo is due to a cardiovascular issue, don’t overdo it. Consult a doctor to confirm which exercises are bad or good for you. If you’re not allowed to do anything strenuous, you can usually still do stretching. 

8. Getting a neck massage

Cervical vertigo often stems from an injury or inflammation of the tissues and muscles around the neck. When this exists, the nerves on one side of the neck can suffer from stress. These nerves are critical as they travel to the brain. The swelling of the nerves can lead to the sending of false signals to the brain about the body’s position in its environment. Getting a neck massage can help relieve stress and symptoms of vertigo if your vertigo is stemming from this condition. 

Vertigo and The Upper Cervical Spine

The remedies above are just some of the things you can apply to reduce your vertigo attacks. If you seek longer-lasting relief, you should get to the heart of the problem. As I’ve mentioned earlier, an overlooked cause of vertigo is in the neck (upper cervical spine). 

If you frequently experience recurrent vertigo, it makes sense to visit a chiropractic clinic for vertigo in Aldergrove BC to have your neck examined. The two bones (C1 and C2 vertebrae) in the upper cervical spine can affect the following:

Ear function

The atlas (C1) lies between the ears. Its misalignment can affect the tubes that drain the extra fluid in the ears. In short, an atlas misalignment could be the very cause of the fluid issue in vertigo. 

Blood flow

Upper cervical misalignments can also disrupt the flow of blood to the brain. As a result, both the ears and the central nervous system can malfunction. 

Central nervous system function

The atlas is near the brainstem. If a misalignment is causing stress on the brainstem, this can have an impact on the communication all over the body. If the messages between the body and brain about balance and spatial orientation do not match, vertigo can be the end result.

Kilian Chiropractic Can Help

Indeed, the alignment of the top bones in the neck may contribute to the onset of vertigo. Kilian Chiropractic in British Columbia can identify and correct even the smallest misalignments of the C1 and C2 vertebrae. 

My chiropractic clinic for vertigo in Aldergrove BC can help in resolving the upper cervical misalignments you may have, using a gentle and precise method of adjustments. Fill out this contact form to set a consultation with me. I’m here to help.

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