Dr. Trevor Kilian

While practicing in Aldergrove, B.C. I had the unique opportunity to adjust Anthony Robbins (America’s #1 Personal Coach). I was then asked to travel across the United States, to the Bahamas, and England for one year, adjusting Mr. Tony Robbins at specific events as one of his personal chiropractors. This experience allowed me to learn and observe firsthand the exhilarating optimism and life-changing possibilities presented by Mr. Tony Robbins.

During my time with Mr. Tony Robbins, I explored the possibilities of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) of which Mr. Tony Robbins is an adherent and master practitioner. NLP is an alternative approach to psychotherapy that emphasizes the study of language, communication and personal change.

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In 2005, I further advanced my training and chiropractic education in Ottawa, ON. with Dr’s Yurij Chewpa and Edward Quirk completing an additional 6 month internship on Postural and Corrective Chiropractic technique.

Lauren Kilian: Office Manager

Lauren is Dr. Kilian’s wife and office manager of both the Vancouver and Aldergrove locations. She met Dr. Kilian is 2005 just before he opened the Vancouver office and has been a vital part of the office since then. Meeting Dr. Kilian and learning more about the principle of chiropractic care, completely changed the direction of Lauren’s life. She is a huge advocate for natural health and healing from the inside out. Lauren is also a personal trainer and fitness instructor. She taught fitness classes up to 38 weeks in all three of her pregnancies and had the incredible experience of birthing all their children at home. Her passion is helping others transform their life through natural health, chiropractic care and fitness. She has completed two Ironman distance triathlons as well as two Figure Division bodybuilding competitions. When she is not working in the office or exercising, Lauren is caring for their 3 wonderful children.

Best Aldergrove Upper Cervical Chiropractor

Dainis Viskers: Registered Massage Therapist

Besides a Diploma in Registered Massage Therapy, Dainis has a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Education. Dainis has been studying human body sciences since 2001 and has an extensive background in Sports and Sports Education. In his native Latvia he used to run a Martial Arts Sports club while he himself competed at a high level. In Canada Dainis graduated West Coast College of Massage Therapy (3000 hour program Diploma) in 2013. Combining that to his strong background in Sports he can relate to athletes and help them to achieve their goals offering strong help during their post surgical or post injury rehab.

During and after his studies Dainis used to work with the UBC track and field team, has been and still is a healthcare team member at many marathons, bike races and other sports events in BC (BC Bike Race, Gran Fondo, Ride to Conquer Cancer)… However Dainis doesn’t limit his practice working with athletes exclusively.

He has been involved in various Multiple Sclerosis outreaches, where he wrote a case study that earned an award of distinction from the RMTBC. He also did an outreach at “GF Strong” where he worked with patients recovering from surgeries, stroke and spinal cord injuries. In his RMT practice Dainis employs various techniques all within RMT scope of practice and assists his patients in returning them back to their normal daily activities.

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