Chiropractic care focuses on understanding the root cause of your symptoms and addressing them accordingly. Of course, upper cervical chiropractic care is no different. It addresses the root cause, while focusing on specifically the upper two cervical bones and the brain stem.

However, perhaps you’re skeptical about the effectiveness of upper cervical chiropractic care. How does upper cervical chiropractic care work? Is it safe? What can you expect during an upper cervical chiropractic care appointment? 

In this article, we’ll answer all these questions and more in the sections below.


Understanding Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

The two upper cervical bones and the brain stem are critical pieces in the nervous system and contribute towards the proper functioning of the entire body. Every neural signal in the body goes through the brain stem. 

The brain stem consists of the midbrain, pons and medulla oblongata. These three components regulate your heart rate, your breathing, your blood pressure and much more. Undeniably, they are critical pieces in the human body.

The top two vertebrae, the Atlas and the Axis, are unique in their shape and structure when compared to other vertebrae, allowing the spinal cord to pass through them from the brain and down throughout the rest of the spine.

However, when any of these pieces become misaligned or damaged, various illnesses and pain conditions may occur. This is due to an interruption in communication between the brain and the rest of the body.

This is where upper cervical chiropractic care can help. Gentle and controlled techniques are applied to the upper spine, restoring balance in the body and returning the spine and neck to its correct position.


How Does Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care Differ From Traditional Chiropractic Care?

Traditional chiropractic care focuses on the entire spine. Upper cervical chiropractic care specializes in misalignments and problems regarding the first two cervical bones and the brain stem. By correcting these issues, the body can self-regulate and self-heal, guiding you toward optimal health once again.


What to Expect During Your Appointment

At your initial consultation, your chiropractor, Dr. Kilian, will review your health history and determine if upper cervical chiropractic care is right for you. At this appointment, it will be determined if there is an Atlas misalignment through testing of your hip position, leg length and head and shoulder alignment. Your chiropractor will also take X-rays of your spine.

At your next appointment, these X-rays will be reviewed and explained. Your chiropractor will give you a thorough description of how your misalignment is impacting your overall health. You will also receive an adjustment during this session. 

All manipulations of the spine are gentle and safe. Dr. Kilian stays up-to-date on all the latest in upper cervical chiropractic care to ensure you are getting nothing but the best. 

X-rays will be taken, again, after this adjustment to determine if the manipulations have helped. Any required follow-up appointments are decided upon based on your spine health and how often you may need further adjustments. Generally, the goal is to have the adjustment last as long as possible.

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