At Kilian Chiropractic, we provide upper cervical chiropractic adjustment procedures that will lead you back on a path to wellness again. If you’ve decided to take the first step of undergoing a spinal adjustment, you can rest assured knowing you’re that much closer to a holistic treatment plan that works for you. Although starting the journey to improving your body’s health can be a big step, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. 

There are four main steps involved with our chiropractic services:

Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Aldergrove

First Step

Spinal misalignment can cause multiple issues such as chronic pain, a slouched posture, decreased mobility and range of motion and stiffness in your joints. If you have symptoms such as back or neck pain, chronic headaches, fatigue and knee or hip pain, you might want to consider coming in for an upper cervical chiropractic adjustment.

When you come in, our first step will be to go over your health history with Dr. Kilian during a free consultation. This will allow him to get a better picture of your health, for a more holistic type of treatment. Once he has an idea of what is going on with your health, he will discuss if he thinks NUCCA chiropractic can help you.

The next step will be to determine if your posture is showing the presence of the Atlas misalignment. He’ll look at your hip position, leg length inequality, head and shoulder tilt. When the Atlas misalignment is present, any or all of these posture changes can occur. 

The final step for the first visit will be to perform X-rays. Dr. Kilian will analyze these and present them to you on the second visit, during which he will work to develop an individualized treatment plan involving upper cervical alignment.

Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Aldergrove

Second Step

The second visit will start off by reviewing what was found on the X-rays and detailing how this misalignment is affecting your health.
Next, you will be adjusted based on any calculations derived from your X-rays.
Afterwards, your posture will be measured right away in the same manner. Dr. Kilian expects to see changes in your posture right after the adjustment. After this, two more X-rays will be taken to ensure that any misalignment has been improved. 

While you are resting, Dr. Kilian will further analyze the X-rays to examine how any adjustments have affected the Atlas misalignment.


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Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Aldergrove

Third Step

This last check is the most important — and is where the NUCCA technique differs the most from most other chiropractic techniques. Despite there not being any audible noise or heavy force perceived with the adjustment, the bones of your head and neck will move. This means you won’t have to hear any frightening cracks or pops. 

These last X-rays will allow Dr. Kilian to ensure the adjustment he uses is working effectively. The final step will be to show you the pre- and post adjustment x-rays together, allowing you to see the changes anatomically and understand how your body is in a better position.

Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Aldergrove

Fourth Step

Once you have had the first adjustment, follow up care will be determined based on your spinal health. The goal is to get you to hold this adjustment for long periods of time. The best part of this is that you are staying in alignment, while also not needing to be examined as frequently. 

Dr. Kilian’s main goal is to get you in an optimal place of spinal health and help keep you there. That way, you can get out and keep on enjoying life!

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